August 15, 2009

Canada Gets Gold!

It sounds like an easy win for Team Canada for the gold medal. Here's the story from TSN.

Here's Hockey Canada's summary (which is probably where TSN crafted their story).

Sorry I don't have anything more to offer but there is no coverage from Canada. Maybe one year (next year?) I'll just have to time my European trip to coincide with the tournament.

Congrats Team Canada!!


mike2006 said...

Way to go Team Canada!

but what happened to the "big line" in the gold medal game??

Valerie said...

TSN had a bit of a clip from the game and I think I saw Toffoli on the ice (number 18 - right?) for a couple of the goals featured. Maybe the Russians keyed on these guys and the depth of the team came through. Think we have seen a few of the guys who will be invited to the U20 camp next year.

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