August 30, 2009

Woo-Hoo! It's Hockey Season Again!

This has been a loooong summer - bad, wet weather (and this sudden cold spell) and a long time without hockey. NHL fans were treated to a pretty exciting playoff season, regardless of what team you normally cheer for with the SCF being the best round (as it should be). Major Junior fans were also entertained by the amazing run of the Windsor Spitfires during the Memorial Cup. Talk about living on the edge. (I was in Edmonton for a family event and sneaked away to catch the third period of the final game - I think they have forgiven me.)

Since then, we have had drafts, the Dany Heatley and Patrick Kane dramas (both good examples of what not to do - kids please pay attention), the U18 in Europe (congrats to Tyler Toffoli and Team Canada) and camps for Olympics hockey hopefuls.

Those are just to pass the time until....Hockey Starts Again!!

The 67s had their camp this past week and concluded their last scrimmage before making the big cuts and heading out on the road for their first pre-season game (Kingston today).

So, I checked out the final scrimmage of camp to see what I could see.

This was the final opportunity for players to make a case for making the team. It was, for the most part, a pretty sloppy affair but that could be expected after three days of camp that included 5 scrimmages that were open to the public.

According to lineup sheet available from a Booster Club rep, there were 39 players (18 on Team Black and 21 on Team White). Despite being sloppy, there still was some intensity. The refs let them play and the boys took advantage of it. There were hits, slashes, holds and interference from the rookies and veterans alike. The coaches wanted to see their teams play competitively for the full 60 minutes (running clock).

I took a lot of pictures, thanks to the coaches for letting me behind the benches (well, actually right on the bench) to take pictures. But, this being the first time seeing the new players and watching the scrimmage through my view finder, I can't put names to most of the new faces. I did concentrate on the two imports: Matias Sointu and Petr Mrazek and their pictures are below.

Random Thoughts

  • Tyler Cuma looked good. If he returns to the club after the Wild camp, it will be great to see him back and improved.
  • While technically eligible to return, as expected, Logan Couture was not at camp.
  • Matias is not a big player but seemed to be in the middle of things when he had the chance. He has what I would call a distinctive skating style - compact is the best word I can come up with. He will be hard to miss when you see him.
  • Team Black won 5 - 1. They pretty much dominated the entire scrimmage.
  • It looks like a few players got bigger over the summer.
  • Cooper Rush (what a great sports name!!) is a tall lad - 6'7" at the tender age of 16. I think he may still be learning to control all those appendages - the messages have a long way to travel from his motor cortex to his feet.
  • Articles in the Ottawa Sun: Chris Perugini and
    Tyler Cuma and Riley Sonnenburg
  • Julien Demers heads off to San Jose camp at the end of next week.
  • Danny Battochio was at the scrimmage. He has graduated from university (St. FX) has signed on with the Rapid City Rush of the Central Hockey League. But before he checks in there, he will take up the invitation from the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL (St. Louis Blues affiliate). We'll catch up more with Danny later this year.
  • The Ottawa 67s first home pre-season game is against the Gatineau Olympiques Friday at the Civic Centre with a return engagement on Sunday in "The Bob" (great atmosphere). These will your only chances (barring a Mem Cup match up) to see Tye McGinn play against his old team (no hard feelings I'm sure).


Czech import goalie Ptre Mrazek

Finnish forward import, Matias Sointu scoring on a great breakaway

The imports, one-on-one.

Matias Sointu.

Welcome back everyone. Let the season begin!!


Anonymous said...

Would have been nice if the names were on the players sweaters as in Training Camp the past few years!

Mervin said...

Bet they had them in Saganaw!

mike2006 said...

nice story and pix, Valerie!!!

The only veteran cut was Riley Sonnenburg (b. 1991), who played only 52 games (none in the playoffs) last year, mostly on the 4th line. He's still only 18, and may still be able to catch on with another OHL team.

Anonymous said...

thats why there were line up sheets for people to read.....

Anonymous said...

The point being made was in the past there were names on the back of the Training Camp sweaters not about line up sheets. More about the direction things are going. Cheep cheep!

Anonymous said...

then that should have nothing to do with the training staff and all with the ownership who pays for it

Anonymous said...

No one said anything about the Training Staff! There was a comment about maybe Saginaw having their names on their Training Camp sweaters and frankly I didn't understand it untill a friend informed me that the 67's former Trainer is now the Saginaw Trainer the point I was making was the names are off the sweaters, the Forum is off the website...but hey you seem a little sensitive so I guess I can use this as the Forum.