March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Unlucky for #13 - Ottawa defeats the Petes 3 - 2.

Last game of the regular season for the Petes who are battling with Oshawa and Sudbury for the last two spots for the playoffs. This was their third game in three days.

Ottawa clinched 3rd spot with their win in Kingston on Tuesday so they are playing for pride and maintaining their winning ways as they prepare for the playoffs that will start in the Civic Centre next Friday - opponent yet to be determined.

Forward Combos:
Cowick, Couture, Nigro,
Lindsay, Kiriakou, Toffoli
Blunden, Martindale, Nesbitt
Smith, Andersons, Carnevale

Birkhoff, Gibbons,
Heartwick, Paryzek
Hanes, Zanetti

Goal: Perugini

Scratches: Schinkelshoek, Sonnenburg, Demers (sick), Cuma (knee)

It was a sluggish start to the game by both teams but Peterborough's Justin Larson scored on the very first shot of the game, beating Perugini 5-hole from the slot. But this didn't rattle Chris as he made a really good save on a Pete's odd-man rush soon after. Ottawa finally got going with a couple of scoring changes of its own (Missiaen saved by the post!). Corey Cowick tied it up with a nice shot from the slot. Logan Couture assisted with a nice tip to Cowick from in front of the net. Anthony Nigro got the other assist.

Logan Couture gave Ottawa the lead at about the half-way mark of the game when the puck bounced off his body and into the net. Assists went to Cory Cowick and Brian Birkhoff. Then it was Jon Carnevale who scored what would turn out to be the GWG when he created the breakaway with a blocked shot and then took the puck and threaded the needle to beat Missiaen.

But it was Walchessen's blind-side late hit on Kiriakou that was the scariest play of the game. It looked like a brutal hit to the head with Walchessen's shoulder. Kiriakou got up quickly but was unsteady on his feet. Patafie attended to him and at a subsequent whistle, he was taken to the dressing room. He did not return to the game. Line mate and all-around scrappy guy Cody Lindsay let Walchessen know that the hit was not appreciated.

Peterborough got one back on the PP in the third but they were unable to even it up even with a two-man advantage (a PP and the goalie pulled) in the last 1:17 of the game.

The Petes are done for the regular season and wait for other teams to find out their playoff fate. Ottawa gets ready for the circus that will be the last regular season game of Brian Kilrea on Sunday.

Three Stars as selected by the Team1200

Hardest Working 67 as selected by the Team1200: Chris Perugini

Random Thoughts:
  • I couldn't get any sense of emotion from either team tonight. The Petes could have been tired and/or uptight about their playoff prospects; Ottawa might have been tentative given all the local hype about Sunday's game.
  • Two refs on the ice today but they must have been working from an old rulebook or at least an old interpretation of the rule book. They let ALOT of stuff go for both teams but I think their indifference favoured the Petes. How they missed the late hit on Kiriakou is curious. And Toffoli seemed to have been manhandled alot. Maybe this is their last game of the season too and don't have much to play for.
  • I have a sinking sick feeling we have seen the very last of Thomas this year and forever. I hope he's OK - not just for the team's sake - he is the only OA after all and he is incredibly valuable to the team - but also for his well being. I recall his comments from early in the season that he was looking forward to playing past early April.
  • Logan certainly has been playing incredibly well. He seems to have more confidence in all situations and is really asserting himself on the ice. It's great to watch. It's good to see him improve this year.
  • Perugini made some really great saves to keep his team in the game. They were all down at the OTHER end of the ice but from what I could see they were pretty spectacular. Honourable mention as the 4th star was well deserved.
  • The playoff situation at the Civic Centre is not optimal. They will play two games at home and then 3 (if necessary) on the road and, if necessary, up to 2 more games at home.

More Pictures:
Birkhoff's high school scholastic achievements acknowledged.

Cowick's university achievements acknowledged.

Ryan Martindale returns to the lineup after missing 12 games.

See all of you on Sunday...it promises to be quite the day.

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