September 06, 2009

Keeping up with the boys at camp...

Time to take a peek at current and former Ottawa 67s at camp. I'll try to aggregate information from the various team sites from time to time. Some teams are better than others about the amount and quality of information they provide to their fans.

First up: Tyler Cuma figures prominently in the marketing material for the Minnesota Wild and their upcoming camp. Here's the link to their main page. If you follow the links to their roster, you will notice that Thomas Kiriakou has been invited to camp.

Next, the San Jose Sharks: They don't say much about specific players so far. Logan and Julien are noted on the rookie roster (check out the roster under the "Team" heading). Jamie McGinn, Brad Staubitz, Derek Joslin and Will Colbert go straight to the main camp.

Anthony Nigro is at the St. Louis Blues camp and will be playing against Cuma et al at the Traverse City Tournament.

The Ottawa Senators added Jason Bailey to their system and Kyle Wharton is getting a professional tryout.

Chris Perugini is one of two goalies going into the Phoenix rookie camp that starts today.

I can't seem to find the rookie roster for Boston to see if Adam was going to camp. I see that Radim Ostrci is still listed as "in the system" while Adam is listed on the main roster. Update: Mark Anthony Zanetti has been invited to the Boston rookie camp. Boston, Ottawa, Toronto and Pittsburgh are in a mini-tourney this week in Kitchener. Still no roster available but Courchaine is scheduled to start against Ottawa tomorrow.

Former 67s Mark Bell and Lukas Kaspar will be going to the Fylers' main camp starting on September 12.

That's the list I have compiled so far. I'm sure some were missed - drop me a line to add your finds.

Good luck to all the players - have a great camp!!

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Anonymous said...

Sointu will be attending the TB rookie camp this week.